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Baby Sleeping Bag or footmuff is ideal for Stroller with Bassinet

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  Baby Sleeping Bag Footmuff for Pram Stroller with bassinetWe offer only those baby products that we either tested by using for our own kids or products that we believe are the best on market. We used Baby Sleeping Bag (footmuff) for our little daughters. First, we used sleeping bag with bassinet.  Later we used it as a sleeping bag or as an extra padding and support for baby or as a blanket or footmuff for toddler when stroller is used with seat. From our experience it’s proved to be very useful and practical. Baby Sleeping Bag, footmuff, for Pram Stroller with bassinet

  The sleeping bag for pram-stroller is very practical and convenient accessory. The sleeping bag fits most of the classic pram bassinets and is a perfect match for Roan's Kortina and Rocco strollers. If you take your baby for a walk then the sleeping bag (footmuff) is a must have during cold seasons. It gives an extra layer to keep the baby’s back warm and protected from cold. The top part serves as blanket to keep those little hands, feet, and tummy comfortable. The sleeping bag for a bassinet gives extra protection from wind, rain, or snow.

   Our sleeping bags have zippers that connect the back and top which makes it very easy to use. The top portion can be completely removed and bag will transform into two pads that gives you more options on how to use them.  You are able to use it as pad as a pad to change diapers or use it on grass to sit and play with your baby! Then when your baby will grow and move from the bassinet to a seat you still can use this sleeping bag! It has openings for seat harness and will serve your baby here well during cold seasons by protecting and Baby Sleeping Bag, footmuff, for Pram Stroller with bassinetduring summer as additional padding for seat. The sleeping bags are available in matching colors for Roan's Kortina and Rocco Classic Pram-Strollers.  We believe Baby Sleeping Bag, footmuff, is very useful not only during colder weather while baby in the bassinet, but later as well.

Best regards to you and your family!

The Dasalika Team

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