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Get a good stroller with bassinet and enjoy your motherhood!

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The best time to enjoy motherhood is when you stroll with the baby sleeping in the bassinet! 

Very rare you can see stressed young mom outside; as usual babies are sleeping peacefully Stroller with bassinet baby Travel System Reversible Seat Baby Products Convertible Strolleroutdoor and parents also have opportunity to get out and enjoy the moment.   That’s why we believe a good stroller with bassinet is one of the most important things for young family. 
A good stroller with bassinet lets you take the baby out and helps refresh young parents mind as well.  While our kids were little we spent hours strolling around neighborhood, enjoying being outdoors and time together. Those walks were one of the best moments of parenting.


We offer two types of strollers with bassinet for a very reasonable prices (prices are at their lowest point ever) :

          • Model Bass - Modern stroller with swivel wheels and roomy bassinet


Both strollers’ models have bassinet and reversible seat for later use as regular stroller and designed to use for at least few years (up to 40 lbs).  All our strollers have great amortization systems and big air-inflated wheels that allow you to go almost on any terrain without disturbing the baby.  Of course, all of our strollers can be easily folded for transportation or storage.Stroller bassinet baby product Travel System lightweight reversible seat stroller

There is no better time to enjoy the motherhood, than to be outside with your baby happily napping in the stroller with bassinet.

We wish you to enjoy your motherhood!

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