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    I still remember the time when our first girl was born.  We spent a lot of hours outside – I was walking with a stroller while she was sleeping in the bassinet.  We used Rocco Classic Pram Stroller and I could walk outside in almost any weather.  My angel slept quietly in the bassinet and as usual I just enjoyed my quiet time by reading a book. It was a time when I, a first time mother, read a lot about parenting. Best Parenting Books To Read While Baby Sleeping in the Strollers Bassinet I read about 2016 Best Convertible Strollers for babies, about a baby’s diet, possible daycare issues, how to teach and how to earn respect from children and other topics. I was simply reading almost any parenting book I could get.  

All this happened many years ago. Now we have two more daughters and I have my own little library but right now if someone ask me what the best books for parents I’ll name two titles in a heartbeat.

After almost 20 years of parent’s experience I think these two parenting books are the best:

“Kindergarten Is Too Late” by Masaru Ibuka parenting book bassinet Stroller Pram

I think this is the only book he wrote about parenting. I was really surprised to find out he was a co-founder of Sony Corporation.  He does not really give any advice but argues that the period for the most effective learning is the first two or three years of life. It made me think a lot.  The title said it all – “Kindergarten Is Too Late”.  The book is quite expensive, but I was able to get it in our local library.


    parenting book bassinet Stroller Pram “Bringing Up Bébé” by Pamela Druckerman

    This book was written by an American journalist as she tried to understand and adopt French parenting methods.  She noticed French kids will eat or at least try almost any food, little babies start sleeping through the night at 3 month and etc. She wanted to try the same with her own kids.  More than 1,000 positive feedbacks on Amazon tell it all.  We have stayed in France in one family, few weeks couple years ago and I can say that everything in this book is true.


      Of course, there are other very useful parenting books (cooking with kids is my most used book☺) , but those two above stand out in my own rating.

      Best regards to you and your family!


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