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Baby Car Seats and Classic Strollers

Posted by Dasalika Team on

Quite often people are asking if we are offering Baby Car seat compatible with Our Classic Pram Strollers and we decided to write our thoughts about car seats, strollers, and their usage.

 As you probably noticed, we do not offer car seats. Our ROAN’s Classic Pram Strollers with bassinet are compatible with Maxi Cozi and Safety 1st car seats models if you are using an adapter.  We can provide the adapter if needed.

However, before you plan to use car seat with chassis from our stroller, let us ask you a few questions about your vision for car seat use and share our own experience.  Pram Stroller with bassinet baby buggy

ROAN's Kortina and Rocco are very nice sturdy Prams and the main purpose is to be used outside, that's why they have such a nice wheels and amortization system. If you are thinking about car seat compatible with these Prams you probably are going to use it when you travel with your baby not really far (are we right?).  You do not want to substitute roomy bassinet with small car seat and walk around while your baby is bend in a car seat instead of laying nicely on a flat surface.

The Pram’s chassis itself is not very light and you probably do not want to load/unload it all the time when you go to grocery store/restaurants/malls and etc. In addition, such places have good flat floors and even small wheels without any suspension will work just fine. That’s why when our kids were very little we used Classic Pram Stroller to walk outside or when we went somewhere for a while (zoo, botanic garden or park) and we used snap-n-go system when we needed to go somewhere inside, like the store, for a short period of time. Again, we do not sell it, it’s just sharing the experience.

Baby Car seat and stroller with bassinetThe “snap-n-go” system designed to carry baby’s car seat. It’s lightweight; it folds/unfolds easily and you can pick the car seat you like. It has very small plastic wheels and no suspension at all, but it’s good enough if you are using it on good even floor like in shops or malls.

We think Classic Pram Strollers are great for outside use with all advantages it has such as big bassinet, inflated wheels, great amortization and etc.  However, for short travel with little baby we would pick car seat we like and compatible “snap-n-go” system.

Best regards to you and your family!

The Dasalika Team

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