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Bigger Air-Inflated Wheels for Classic Pram Strollers with Bassinet

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Pram Stroller with bassinet air inflated big wheels  vintage strollerAll of ROAN's Classic Pram Strollers with bassinet have big air-inflated 12” wheels.  These wheels allow the stroller to go in almost any terrain and together with a great suspension provide smooth and non-disruptive ride for a baby.

However, once in a while we’ve been asked about even bigger wheels.  We are glad to inform we have bigger wheels for both Rocco and Kortina Strollers models in stock now.

These bigger wheels are 14” in diameter and come in two colors – Black and White.  They do not Stroller with bassinet air inflated wheels vintage strolleronly providing smooth ride but also give old fashion classic look to the stroller.  The Classic Pram Stroller looks great even with regular 12” wheels but 14” wheels give the stroller additional charm and attraction.


The Black Wheels for strollers are air-inflatable, however the White Wheels Stroller with bassinet ait inflated wheels vintage strollerwheels have foam instead of a tube.  Some people are considering such wheels as “trouble free” because there is no room for a flat tire.

You can get these wheels as additional accessories and swap wheels on your ROAN Classic Pram Stroller based on your mood ☺

Best regards to you and your family,
The Dasalika Team

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