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Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes, your baby can sleep in the bassinet

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It might look unusual, but for more than 80 years Finland's expectant mothers have been given a box by the state.  The box contains some goodies for babies and it also often used as the babies first bed.

"Babies used to sleep in the same bed as their parents and it was recommended that they stop," says Panu Pulma, professor in Finnish and Nordic History at the University of Helsinki. "Including the box as a bed meant people started to let their babies sleep separately from them."

Baby Bassinet Stroller Mother Pregnancy

We think baby should sleep comfortably not only inside, but outside as well.  This is the main reason we admire Strollers with Bassinet.  There is no replacement for fresh air to growing baby and we think that a good stroller is essential.

There are big variety of strollers and we are offering some of them. We offer ROAN’s Classic Pram Strollers with Bassinet Rocco, Kortina and Bass SOFT Stroller with Bassinet and swivel front wheels.  We know baby will sleep comfortably in the roomy bassinet and have great time outside.Stroller baby bassinet mother

In addition, we know that some folks are using the bassinets from our strollers as travel bed for their kids.

Happy sleep is important for babies and we want your baby to enjoy it.



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