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Kortina Pram Stroller reviewed by Kirsten, The Adventure Mama

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We are offering Classic Strollers with bassinet for more than 6 years already and always like to hear story about our strollers.  We really happy people like it and find very valuable.

Here is a review for our Kortina Pram Stroller posted by Kirsten, The Adventure Mama.

Kristen calls our Classic Stroller with bassinet “the best piece of baby equipment she’s appreciated

She listed a lot of pros for the stroller and here are just very few short quotes pulled from her blog:Pram Stroller with bassinet baby buggy

  • Baby stays protected from the elements. The carriage has its own Rain jacket and Bug net.
  • Baby can stretch out and sleep. As a massage therapist, I believe that it is important for babies not to be scrunched up all the time, like they are in a carseat, swing, or sling.
  • Baby can nap outside in the pram, year round.
  • The carry cot (bassinet) portion of the pram can be removed and used as a portable bed.
  • When Baby-love is sitting up in the pram, he is as high or higher than other kids playing around him

In the conclusion Kirsten wrote “I wouldn’t trade it for the world ~ I am so grateful for my pram!”Pram Stroller with bassinet baby buggy

There are nothing else we can add. We’re happy to see people not only using our Classic Strollers with Bassinet, but also loving it!

Best regards to you and your family,
The Dasalika Team

 Images and some quotes are from The Adventure Mama  blog

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