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ROAN Bass Stroller with bassinet - Classic Features and Modern Design

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We are big admires of the Classic Pram Strollers with bassinet.  We used Kortina model for our own kids and Rocco Classic Pram Stroller with bassinet has highest rating among strollers with bassinet on Amazon

We know parents want the best for their baby and as usual, a bassinet with a stroller is a must feature, that’s why parents like our Classic Strollers. We also know some people seriously consider them, but were forced to buy other models just because they live in a city (or other places with narrow spaces) and front wheels on the stroller do not swivel.  We also have been contacted frequently with inquiry if we have similar strollers with bassinet but with swivel wheels. 

We happy to introduce new ROAN’s model – Bass stroller with bassinet and swivel wheels. ROAN Bass Stroller with bassinet, reversible seat and inflated big wheels

The ROAN Bass stroller combines all the beast features of Classic Pram and Modern Stroller.  The front wheels, even though they can swivel around, are a good size air-inflated wheels (we personally think small plastic wheels should not be used on strollers at all); they can swivel around or you can locked them and drive straight. ROAN Bass Stroller with bassinet, reversible seat and inflated big wheels                     

The big bassinet provides the comfort for your babies sleep; great System Anti-Shock (SAS) gives the stroller a smooth ride by absorbing vibrations; the stroller also has a lot of adjustable options and covers for all occasions. Coconut Mattress for the bassinet, rain cover, mosquito net and even small matching blanket are also included.

We believe this is really great stroller for those who prefer maneuvers stroller but still want their baby to start their life with comfort.  ROAN’s Bass stroller is great option for those who considered Classic Pram Stroller, but want the front wheels to swivel.

Please check this great stroller and let us know what you think!

Best regards to you and your family,

The Dasalika Team

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