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About Us and Pram Strollers

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Dasalika Corp is family owned and operated company founded in 2011.

Few years ago (oh, boy! Seems like 100 years ago) we were looking for a stroller for our newborn daughter. Our requirements were very simple – we wanted our baby to spend a lot of time outside even first few months, we wanted our little angel to lay on a flat surface and the stroller should have nice suspension and rocking option.  It looked very simple and reasonable for us, but we were not able to find anything like that. All we saw were either some kind or “stroller-transformers” on a very small plastic wheels or “light-weight strollers” where baby would spend first few months in a bended position. That’s why we started to look down to Europe and their models. After long research we decided ROAN’s Classic Pram stroller is exactly what we need. It cost us a lot to get it here, in the USA, but it was totally worth it.  Our little girl spent a lot of time outside and we were able to walk with her almost everywhere even during the deep Chicago snow.  Later on this stroller was inherited by her little sister and served another few years without any issues.

We not only loved our stroller, but received a lot of questions where/how we bought it.  Some of our friends were even begging us for the same stroller for their upcoming baby; and the Dasalika Corp was formed.

We used the same models for our own kids and after using it for our two little daughters we truly believe ROAN’s Classic Pram Stroller is exactly what babies and parents need.

We would never sell anything we would not use for our own kids.  We are taking “kid’s business” very personally and always happy to answer any questions you might have or help any other way.

For the last 5 years our stroller became most rated baby Pram-strollers on Amazon and our service level is five stars. We are very young company, but we feel proud to know some people are using our stroller for their next child already.

We might be not very good in different promotion campaigns, but we do believe in our products, we know our service is one of the best and we would do everything to help you with any inquiries you might have (three kids not only added grey hair, but some experience as well☺)!

Best regards to you and your family,

The Dasalika Team