Best Classic Pram Strollers on the US market!
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    Dasalika was opened in 2011 and since then we got a lot of questions about European Pram strollers (buggy) we offer and our service. Here are the most frequent questions:

    • Q: Where were your strollers produced?
    • A: All the strollers we offer are manufactured in Europe (Poland) by ROAN company.  These strollers have a high rating and are very popular in different European countries including England, Germany and other.


    • Q: Why do you think this type of stroller (Classic Pram) is the best?
    • A: We strongly believe babies should sleep on flat surface especially when their spinal cords are still developing. We also believe and know from our own experience that babies sleep much better outside; that's why this type of stroller is ideal for babies to sleep comfortably outside while parent(s) is taking a walk or reading on a bench.  Our kids spent a lot of time outside even during the cold Chicago winter and with such great wheels/suspension we were able to get almost everywhere even during deep snow. When the baby will try to seat move him/her from the bassinet to the seat and you good for another couple years. Last, but not least, the suspension allows you gently rocking the stroller even when you are not walking.


    • Q: What kind of warranty your strollers have?
    • A: All our strollers come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer, but we never leave our customers without help even after few years.  All you need is simply Contact Us and we’ll work with you to resolve any situation you might have.


    • Q: I like ROAN's stroller; why should I buy it from you, but not from other places?
    • A: Only our company is ROAN's official authorized distributor in the USA; we offer only strollers we have in stock, ship in 24 hours and you'll get it within one week after placing the order (in the USA).  We are supporting our customers all the way even after few years.  In addition, we raised our own kids by using these type of strollers, know almost everything about it, and we'll be happy to help with any questions you might have.


    • Q: I want to buy your stroller, but do not see option for shipping to Canada.  Do you ship to Canada?
    • A: Yes, absolutely. Please Contact Us if you need quote for delivery outside of the USA.


    • Q: How fast is the shipping to ***, USA?
    • A: We ship everything within 24 hours on business day from Chicagoland. We guarantee you’ll get your order within a week anywhere in the Continental United States. Please notice we're shipping all expensive products (especially strollers) with signature required option and someone should be able to sign for it.


          • Q: How much is the shipping to ***, USA?
          • A: We are shipping all our strollers via FedEx with signature require option and using flat rate of $67.00 for shipping within the contiguous United States.
          • We offer Free and Expedited shipping for all other items (not strollers).


            • Q: What is the difference between strollers Roan Rocco and Kortina models?
            • A: The Kortina line has more classic, pastel colors, while Rocco Strollers have bright modern colors. All technical parameters, including weight, size, locking mechanism and etc. are the same, except one. The only one technical difference is the hood. In Rocco model hood has ventilation option – you can unzip part of the hood and instead of fabric there will be a mesh for better air circulation during hot days; Kortina models do not have such option.


            • Q: Does Roan Classic Pram Strollers come with a mattress?
            • A: Yes, the foam mattress is already included, however some of our customers prefer coconut mattress .  The coconut mattress is more firm and also allows air to go through that prevent the baby from sweating.


            • Q: What are the bassinet's dimensions inside (length/ depth/ width)?
            • A: As far as we know it's one of the the biggest bassinet on the market and the dimensions are as following:- internal length of the bassinet is about 31.5 in (800 mm)- internal width of the bassinet is about 14.7 in (375 mm)


              • Q: What are the dimensions when it is folded completely for transport?
              • A: The dimensions are as following:- Stroller's chassis with attached wheels only (no bassinet, no seat) 38x24x17 in (17 in - height)- Stroller with seat can fold all the way and the dimensions will be 41x24x21 in (21 in - height)- Stroller with the bassinet cannot be folded, but you can easily detach the bassinet (should take about 30 seconds).
                • Q: What color would you recommend for the stroller?
                • A: You will use the stroller for a few years and it should be something you (but not we) like, that's why we'll leave the choice of the stroller's color up to you.

                • Q: Is there a case when you would NOT recommend buying the pram strollers?
                • A: We would think twice about the purchase stroller if you have any stairs that you need to climb.  It is very nice sturdy classic strollers, we love it and used it for our own little kids, however it might be very inconvenient if you need to climb the stairs with the stroller on a daily basis.  Of course, the case is the same for any stroller; there is simply no good stroller that you can easily climb the stairs with.