Best Classic Pram Strollers on the US market!
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How to choose the best stroller?

Although we cannot tell you which stroller is the best fit for you, we can share our thoughts and experiences after three kids.

There are many different stroller categories such as Pram stroller, stroller with a bassinet, travel system stroller, convertible stroller, reversible stroller, stroller with reversible handle, lightweight stroller, pushchair, baby buggy and etc.; very often the same stroller belongs to more than one category but before you fall in love with one type or another, you should consider what stroller is the best for you and your baby.

Different parents have different approaches and needs.

For example, one mom might need to come back to work in 2 weeks after baby birth and nanny will spent all time home; at that case there is barely a need for a stroller at all.

Other parents might live in big city downtown, very rarely go outside and mainly spend their time in restaurants, malls, etc. and in addition have to use stairs in order to get at their condo on the second floor.  These parents probably should not worry about the stroller’s suspension, and instead look for small and light weight stroller with swirl wheels. A little baby still would love to nap in a nice bassinet, but it’s not always the option.

We know (please trust us on this☺ ) babies sleep much better outside and mothers also need to leave house once in a while and that’s why our first choice when picking a stroller was ROAN’s Classic Pram Stroller that has nice suspension, big inflated wheels, and a roomy bassinet.  Our daughters slept outside in a spacy bassinet with flat surface and their mom walked outside every day (she really enjoyed those days!).  Later we switched from the bassinet to a seat which is reversible and used to take this stroller to the zoo, parks, botanical garden and etc.  There could be different situations and opinions, but we were happy with ROAN Pram Stroller with bassinet and for us it was the best option.How to pick the best stroller? What stroller is best for you? What is the best stroller?

Recently we found Kate Mddleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has the same opinion and used Classic Pram-Stroller for future King of England, Prince George.

In the conclusion, you and only you can tell what stroller is the best for you.  You should weigh all of your options. Ask yourself, how you are going to use it, and which would be the most comfortable for your baby.  Remember, a really good stroller should last you a few years and ideally it should serve as long as child needs it (as example, ROAN’s Classic Pram Stroller with bassinet can be used with child up to 40 lbs).

Have a good stroller hunt!


Best wishes to you and your family!

The Dasalika Team