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ROAN Bass SOFT Baby Stroller with Bassinet & Swivel Air-Inflated Wheels for Newborn, Infant and Toddler

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  • European Stroller, shipped from US
  • Unique Luxury Bass Soft Baby Stroller with Bassinet for Infant and Toddler reversible seat with reclining backrest is ideal for parents carrying for their baby.
  • Large, comfortable bassinet for comfy sleep comes with Coconut mattress. System Anti-Shock (SAS) gives the stroller a smooth ride by absorbing vibrations.
  • The reversible seat could be installed forward or rearward facing. Seat has five-point seat belts harness system. An adjustable backrest and adjustable footrest on a seat.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with adjustable handle, inflatable front 9” and rear 11” wheels, swivel front wheels with fixed option.
  • Fast and simple folding frame to a small size. Easy and convenient "click" when installing the bassinet and seat. A large enclosed shopping basket. Built-in bar for carrying bassinet.
  • Ventilation option at Bassinet and Seat. Coconut Mattress for the bassinet, bassinet and seat covers, rain cover, mosquito net and small matching blanket are also included.


Easy and Quick folding

Bass Soft comfortable and functional multifunctional stroller with Bassinet Do you wonder how to make a baby carriage the quickest and most convenient? With the ROAN Bass Soft Stroller you just have to press the buttons around the handle and the frame folds immediately to small size. In addition, wheels are removable so when there is a need you can take them off and make it even more compact.


Steering front wheels with lock function

Bass Soft Stroller with Bassinet and swivel wheelsThe front wheels rotate and have a system to counteract any shocks. Move with confidence using air-inflated/pumped wheels and your child will feel comfortable.





Free air move

Bass Soft Stroller with Bassinet is the best stroller Do you want to provide your child thermal comfort regardless even on the hottest days? You can take the cover part of the hood off anytime to let a fresh air get inside.



Extendable hood

ROAN Bass Soft Stroller with Bassinet is teh great stroller


You can extend the hood to protect the child from the sun or wind. By using the included coverage you can protect your child on cold days.





Improved shock absorption

ROAN Bass Soft with Basinet is the best stroller for babyDual Suspension Shock Absorber System (SAS) on Bass Soft Stroller means that shock absorbs are not only in the rear axle wheels, but also in the frame. It is possible to lock them anytime. This system ensures the greatest flexibility on every type of terrain.


Adjustable handle covered by Eco leather

ROAN Bass Soft Stroller with Bassinet comfortable and functional multi-functional strollerSpecially shaped handle and the ability to adjust the height provides maximum comfort to anyone who is pushing a walk. The handle can be easily adjusted to the appropriate angle. It fits not only tall dads but also tiny moms.



Functional seat

ROAN Bass Soft Stroller with bassinet and reversible seat is the best stroller for babyYou can attach the seat for your child forward or rearward facing position. Younger children prefer to look at the parents while older may enjoy the world around them.

The backrest of a seat could be adjusted to a flat, sleeping position. There is also the possibility to adjust the footrest. The seat cover is also included.


Coconut mattress

ROAN Bass Soft Stroller with Bassinet and reversible seat online

Bassinet has a coco mattress that is recommended to the youngest babies. It gives thermal comfort and adjusts to your baby's shape



Accessories included in the set

Bass Soft Stroller with Bassinet best comfortable and functional multifunctional stroller 2017


In addition with the ROAN BASS Soft Baby Stroller with Bassinet and Infant Seat you will receive: One matching color blanket, Mosquito net and Rain Cover.

  • Bassinet internal length 32.5 in
  • Bassinet internal width 14.5 in
  • Adjustable hood with ventilation option for hot days
  • Height adjustable handle bar
  • Air-inflatable wheels: 9in front swivel wheels with fixed option and 11in fixed rear wheels
  • Useable from birth up to 3 years (not for children over 40 lbs)
  • Operational weight 30 lbs
  • Build-in bar in the bassinet for easy transportation
  • Seat with adjustable back rest and foot rest
  • Seat has 5 point harness system
  • Chassis and wheels
  • Bassinet with hood
  • Seat unit
  • Hood for the seat
  • Coconut Fiber Mattress
  • Weather cover for bassinet
  • Knee cover for seat
  • Diaper bag
  • Mosquito Net
  • Rain Cover
  • Matching color small blanket

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